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Lo Pagan Mud Baths
The Costa Blanca mud baths are one of the most popular destinations among eco tourists. Visiting the baths in the Costa Blanca is one most funniest things but also one of the most healthiest thing you will do in the Costa Blanca .
The Baths are located near San Pedro del Pinitar. Specificaly in the village of Lo Pagan at the beautiful Mar Menor.
Although the baths are quite big, so don’t worry about getting a spot  to get a bath in mud bath.
Besides the water temperature of the baths are warmer than the nearby  Mar Menor or the Mediterranean sea. Only the surface water can be a little bit cold.
So it is even possible to visit the Mud baths in the Winter.

Normally Mud baths are found in Expensive hotels and spas around the  world.  As you know   they use a mud that has been processed. For  example to  remove the smell and impurities.
Because the Mud Baths at the’ Mar Menor Lo Pagan’ do have an ( terrible ) sulfur smell.
So its better you wash of the mud and take a quick swim in the Mar Menor to get rid of the smell.
Also be aware that  your bathing suits get dirty. I mean really black. So a quick shower and washing is advised. So get dirty !
And don’t be afraid or disappointed if you don’t feel any mud walking down the stairs .
Just walk a little bit further and you have lots of mud and heat zones. Just waiting for you to come and relax.

Location of the Mud Baths
These famous mud baths are in The Costa Blanca, more specifically in the Province of Murcia and located in the town of Lo Pagan.
 They are easy to reach by the Highway (take exit for San Pedro del  Pinitar ) or just following the N 332 in direction of San Pedro del  Pinitar and at the roundabout take the exit to Lo Pagan.
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