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There are 2 main markets in Torrevieja, one is the "Craft" or "Hippy" market on the promenade by the port, the other market in Torrevieja is one of the biggest in Spain and is easy to catch a bargain there for clothing, fruit, vegetables, leather, shoes, handbags, bedding, curtains etc.

Details of the 2 markets in Torrevieja :

  • Torrevieja Craft Market
  • Frequency - Every night
  • Times - 8pm to midnight
  • Location - Paseo de la Libertad (The Promenade of Liberty)
  • Number of stalls - approximately 100

  • Torrevieja Main Market
  • Frequency - Every Friday morning
  • Times - 8am to 1pm
  • Location - Salinero Calle (just off the Avda. De Las Cortes Valencianas)
  • Number of stalls - approximately 1,200

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